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Standards-Based Mindset

The switch to standards-based grading increases specificity and accuracy: focusing on performance rather than progress and correctness rather than process. The standards-based mindset…
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Best Practices for Continuous Improvement

Schools can genuinely impact student learning outcomes and commit to real, sustainable change by eliminating quick fixes, embracing incremental change, amplifying classroom assessment…
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Beyond Standards: 5 Strategies for Enrichment and Extensions

When you are thinking of accelerating instruction, consider instead the possibility of going deeper into grade-level standards: provide students meaningful opportunities to extend…
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Defining Student Proficiency

How do we know when a student is "proficient"? Measured judgment, supported by ample evidence, leads to the most accurate and meaningful grades.…
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Improve Student Outcomes

We recently conducted an impact analysis using statewide standardized assessments to compare the performance of Forefront schools and districts to their peers. We…
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Eliminate the Middle-Layer Assessments

As schools and districts put the Student Assessment Inventory to use, it will benefit them to carefully consider the systems that record…
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