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In Defense of Classroom Assessments

Classroom assessments are closely aligned to instructional programs. They serve a variety of purposes for teachers: grading, informing instruction, and for teacher collaboration.…
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Focus on Classroom Assessments

Aligning Classroom Practice with School-wide Systems School-wide systems exist first and foremost to support teachers to create effective classrooms. As we emerge from…
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racial equity

Using Data for Racial Equity in Schools

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is highlighting injustice and racial discrimination in policing. Some districts are already taking strides to remove police…
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Software Updates for July 2020

Over the past year a lot has been happening at Forefront Education behind the scenes, and soon it will be on your screens!…
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standards-based grading image

6 Best Practices for Standards-Based Grading

Is your school or district making the shift to standards-based or standards-aligned grading? Standards-based grading goes well beyond a new report card and…
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An Opportunity in Canceled State Tests

  Last month, the White House gave blanket approval for states to cancel standardized tests. Next fall, teachers will adjust to students coming…
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The Hidden Potential of Classroom Assessments

Of all the assessments teachers, schools, and districts use, classroom assessments provide the most detailed, precise, and timely information. These everyday quizzes, unit…
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Unlock the Potential of Classroom Assessments

Classroom assessments are at the heart of every classroom, yet when it comes to systematic work, classroom assessments are underutilized. When the right…
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4 Recommendations to Improve Your PLC Work

In recent years, so much of the work of interpreting student learning, setting goals, grouping students, and differentiating has been outsourced to publishers,…
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6 Criteria for Meaningful Student Learning Data

Data does not necessarily improve practice. It does not necessarily improve focus, communication, instruction, or other factors that lead to improved student learning.…
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