Best Practices in Data and Assessment

Every month, we share expertise on best practices in standards-based grading, how to streamline assessment systems, and tips to build a culture of meaningful, data-driven decision-making.

number sense

The Number Sense Lens

Lenses are conceptual frameworks to organize ideas, related skills, concepts, and developmental milestones. They provide educators…
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usns performance levels

Overall Performance Levels

Overall performance levels can be helpful, when used well. When there are repeated assessments, overall performance…
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USNS predictive validity

USNS Predictive Validity

3 Questions at the Beginning of Second Grade Three questions from the fall Universal Screeners for…
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Better Grading Practices Can Strengthen MTSS

These two and a half years of learning through the pandemic have impacted student learning. They…
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Not All Tests Are Bad. Some Are.

6 key components to help you evaluate assessments and know the difference Not all assessments are…
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10 Tips for a USNS Implementation

As you begin to look to the fall to support your RtI/MTSS efforts and strengthen math…
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