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universal screening

How to Universally Screen Students Efficiently

3 Minutes of Learning If you have about 3 and a half minutes, check out this math interview with a kindergartner and see…
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assessment data: how much do you need?

Assessment Data: How Much Do You Need?

Assessments and assessment data fulfill a wide variety of purposes. From informing instruction to staffing decisions, this valuable information is a school and…
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screeners online

The Cost of Digital Assessments

Long before the pandemic, digital programs were becoming ubiquitous. With COVID, the frequency and adoption of digital curricula accelerated, and print-only programs began…
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teaching for number sense

Teaching for Number Sense

Forefront Education founder and lead author of the Universal Screeners for Number Sense (USNS) Project, David Woodward, presented with Pam Harris, founder of…
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usns updated version

USNS 2023 Updates

Thank You A very sincere thanks to the entire community of USNS educators and for your efforts to improve instruction and math learning…
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math screener

Math Screener Results 2020-23

In June 2023, lead author of the Universal Screeners for Number Sense (USNS) Project, David Woodward, took a deep dive into math screener…
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screening for rti/mtss

Beyond Standards: 5 Strategies for Enrichment and Extensions

When you are thinking of accelerating instruction, consider instead the possibility of going deeper into grade-level standards: provide students meaningful opportunities to extend…
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educational equity

Educational Equity and Classroom Data

When state test results come in, your district leadership may be surprised by, or worse, nonplussed by differences in student learning outcomes across…
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elementary math recovery

9 Tips for Elementary Math Recovery

We can improve our youngest students' math learning next fall and set goals for a strong elementary math recovery. These nine tips will…
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Improve Standards-Based Assessment Practices

Standards-based assessment is the practice of assessing student learning relative to specific learning outcomes. To illustrate what it looks like in practice, let…
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