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Understanding Demographic Data Capabilities

This article explains demographic data capabilities for users of Forefront.

Set up notes

Note: Before student demographic information can be uploaded into the system, the appropriate categories of demographics need to be activated for your account. If you are not sure if this has been done, before uploading please reach out to support@forefront.education to ensure that demographics in Forefront match the upload file.

The information below details the current default demographic categories and their fields. Please contact our team if you would like to have additional demographic categories or specific terms added to your account. Demographics are fully customizable per district.

In your spreadsheet for uploading demographics, the column headers should match the categories below. (e.g. when uploading Gender demographics, that should be what is in row 1 of that column.)

Current default demographic categories


Level 1 or 1, Level 2 or 2, Level 3 or 3, Level 4 or 4, Level 5 or 5, and Level 6 or 6 are the parse code values for ACCESS Scores.


Male or female or the codes and are the defaults for gender.

Language Proficiency

Default settings for English language acquisition categories in Forefront: NEP, LEP, FEP, English, or PHLOTE.

These codes stand for Non-English Proficient, Limited English Proficient, Fully English Proficient, English, and Primary or Home Language Other Than English.


For less detailed English language learner information, the option to use Non-ELL and ELL labels exists. The codes are ELL and NA for non-ELL students.

Census Ethnicity

On July 15, 2020, we modified the ethnicity category in Forefront to match the US Census terminology. Please be sure to use the column heading Census Ethnicity to make sure that the fields from this updated categorization are included and not the categories for the software version pre-dating July 15, 2020. This demographic is now as follows:

Values are either Hispanic/Latino or Not Hispanic/Latino, and the parse codes for your data file are either:

  • latino
  • not latino

Census Race

On July 15, 2020, we modified what the program had previously referred to as the ethnicity category in Forefront to match the US Census terminology.

These are the default settings for racial categories in Forefront: White, Black or African American, Asian, American Indian and Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, Multiple, and Other.

Parse codes are as follows:

  • white
  • black
  • asian
  • native
  • islander
  • multiple
  • other


For those accounts which were using the ethnicity settings before the July 15, 2020 release of our current software version, those ethnicity fields still exist. Continue to use the below parse codes in your data files should you prefer to retain the same terminology.

  • latino
  • native
  • asian
  • black
  • pacific
  • white
  • multiple

Need more support?

Submit a support request or email our team at support@forefront.education.

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