Preparing for Parent Teacher Conferences

This article provides recommendations for in-person discussion tools and printable options for talking to families.

Watch a webinar about preparing for Parent-Teachers Conferences here.

Are you meeting with families in person, or have the option to screen share?

Use the proficiency wheel to look at student strengths and areas to grow, as explained here.

Do families want a clearer understanding of how a student’s proficiency is calculated? Learn about Forefront’s proficiency calculations here.

Do you want documents to send home or include with report cards?

Access family letters for USNS, Bridges, and Number Corner as explained here (requires Basic or Premium plan).

Now available! Bridges Printable Progress Reports: read more here.

Or print assessment history as detailed below:

Step 1: Navigate to the student page by clicking a student name where it is linked in blue. Then, click the “Assessment History” tab across the top.

Step 2: Click the three dots menu (red rectangle) to get the option to print. Want to explain the domains to families? Open the printable PDF domain explainer (green rectangle).

Step 3: Select the desired print options.

Customize the assessment window or select specific assessments as desired.

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