USNS Resources

Find helpful resources such as virtual slides, sample interviews, and documentation to ensure a successful USNS implementation in your district.



Access Virtual Slides to Support Remote Interviews

Click on any image below to access the full slide deck for that interview.

Watch Sample Interviews

Request access to view the kindergarten and fifth grade fall screener interviews below.

Kindergarten Fall Screener Interview

A sample USNS fall screener interview of a child entering kindergarten for the 2021-22 school year.
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USNS fifth grade interview sample

Fifth Grade Fall Screener Interview

A sample USNS fall screener interview of a child entering fifth grade for the 2022-23 school year.
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Visit our help desk articles on frequently asked questions or reach out to our support team.

FAQ: Performance Bands

We know that some schools use overall performance also as an indicator of overall success. Here are the overall performance levels established in Forefront for each of the assessments.

FAQ: Digital Tasks

A select number of written tasks can also be conducted digitally through Forefront's integration with Google Classroom. Read our article on how to activate this feature in your account.

FAQ: Assessment Windows

The following suggested assessment windows allow teachers to conduct one assessment per day. If you are an interventionist or math specialist, you may find it appropriate to conduct more interviews each day.

FAQ: USNS Next Steps Documents

The USNS Next Steps documents provide instructional suggestions for each fall USNS assessment task. These documents are included in all Forefront software plan subscriptions and can be accessed through two report views.

USNS Implementation Training

If you need training to support your screener implementation, explore our web-based USNS Implementation PD package.