USNS Implementation

Successfully implement the USNS assessments as a universal screener with this live, web-based training.

Work directly with the lead author of the Universal Screeners for Number Sense, David Woodward, to ensure a high-quality USNS implementation. David’s more than 20 years of working as a classroom teacher, district leader, and professional development facilitator inform this 2 hour professional learning opportunity that equips your team with the vision and tools to successfully implement the Screeners.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the structure and timing.
  • Understand best practices for conducting interviews.
  • Score with consistency across schools.
  • Develop an implementation plan for your school(s).



2-hour web-based training with a 1-hour follow-up consultation.


This training is intended for instructional leadership and teachers that will be administering the USNS assessments. We suggest limiting participation to less than 200 participants per PD session. Contact us if you would like to schedule multiple sessions for a larger group.


This training is $1,800 for non-Forefront clients and $900 for Forefront clients.


Overview of the Screener Series: An overview of key information about the structure of the assessment program, assessment windows, and task types.

Administering the Screeners: Gain an understanding of best practices for interview and written tasks in the USNS assessments. Observe sample interviews. Practice scoring and recording observations.

Plan and Prepare: Develop your district implementation plan and next steps, including who, what, and how.

Training Options

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