USNS Assessment Windows

The Universal Screeners for Number Sense are intended to be universal screeners administered by classroom teachers. The following suggested assessment windows allow teachers to conduct one assessment per day and complete the entire class over the course of 3-4 weeks. If you are an interventionist or math specialist conducting interviews, you may find it appropriate to conduct more interviews each day.

Fall USNS Assessments

Fall Screeners should be done in the first weeks of school. There should be enough days in the window so that teachers can do once student per day and complete the entire class. It varies from district to district, but in general, the goal is to finish before the end of September for schools with July/August start dates and before the end of October for districts with September start dates.

Midyear USNS Assessments

The midyear USNS assessments should be conducted starting late November / early December and conclude before the end of January.

Spring USNS Assessments

The assessment window for the spring USNS assessments is early April through the end of the school year. Early in this window is ideal. This gives teachers a chance to respond to the results, which is especially important for those students who might need additional supports at the end of the year.

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