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Connections Between AVMR and USNS

Universal screening, such as the open-source Universal Screeners for Number Sense (USNS), can be the first step to help teachers understand the various learning needs within their classrooms. After a screening, teachers often ask: what next?

Add+VantageMR (AVMR) from The U.S. Math Recovery Council offers a framework for understanding student learning to help meet students where they are. AVMR’s Learning Framework in Number guides teachers in understanding how to provide the correct supports where required and how to extend the learning for those who are ready. Paired with the Universal Screeners for Number Sense, AMVR provides rich, actionable classroom data to improve student learning.

Even if your teachers are not Add+Vantage Math trained, the USNS assessments are still useful. AVMR training can amplify the impact of instruction. The associations with the AVMR assessments also to point teachers to the appropriate diagnostic assessment to help guide instructional decision-making.

Learn more about the connections between the USNS assessments and AVMR in this on-demand webinar.

Learn more about the work of The U.S. Math Recovery Council on their website here.


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