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Who Should Administer the USNS Assessments?

The USNS assessments are intended to be classroom assessments. They are meant to be administered as a universal math screener by classroom teachers.

In some school districts, however, when state or district level policies require the use of a different universal screener, the USNS assessments are used as a diagnostic assessment. For this reason, whenever possible, we suggest that the teacher who works most directly with the student administer the assessments. Although numeric data can be helpful, observing and listening to each student is where the most valuable information comes from.

Other Implementation Scenarios

If it is impossible for a classroom teacher to administer all the assessments, consider the following alternative scenarios:

  • Students that you anticipate will struggle can be handed off to an interventionist. If another assessment or work in the classroom indicate that a particular student will struggle on the USNS assessment, the school interventionist is better placed to administer the assessment, as s/he will likely be working with the student.
  • Have paraeducators, substitutes, or other instructional support staff administer the assessment for students that you anticipate will excel on the assessment.
  • For students that are “in the middle”, it is most important for classroom teachers to conduct these assessments. These assessments can reveal surprises and important insights into these students’ thinking.

Gain more guidance on how to implement the USNS assessments on the USNS Project Resources page here.

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