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This article explains how to link a Google Classroom to Forefront and assign digital tasks.

Linking a Google Classroom to Forefront

If you are using assessments in Forefront with digital tasks and wish to distribute those tasks directly to your students, you must first link your Forefront classroom to your Google Classroom.

If your district uses Google Classroom and the Universal Screeners for Number Sense assessments and does not have this feature activated, please contact so that our team may activate this feature for your district. Please note that your district must also already use Google logins in Forefront to be able to access this feature.

Navigate to the classroom you would like to link to a Google Classroom and select the Settings page.

Select the “Link” button to open a pop-up window that will allow you to link the classrooms. In the window, first select the name of the class that you wish to link.

Step 3: Match the two class rosters

There may be some differences in the two class rosters that will require you to manually match individual student records. If this is the case, you will be asked to manually match those student records before selecting “Finish” to complete the sync process.

Please note that if a student is present in one list but not the other, you will need to update your rosters. It is possible to run the sync process as many times as needed to get all students linked!

Assigning and Collecting Data from Digital Tasks

As of January 2021, districts using Google Classroom and preloaded assessments in Forefront with digital tasks can assign those and collect results from Forefront.

Once this feature has been activated, teachers may “broadcast” or distribute assessments with digital tasks by following the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to the assessment you wish to broadcast

Navigate to the class in Forefront for which you wish to broadcast the digital tasks in an assessment. Select the instructional program tab that contains those assessments.

Step 2: Select the “Broadcast” icon

Select the Broadcast icon  to select the assessment that you wish to broadcast to your Google Classroom class. Note that only assessments with digital tasks will appear in the pop-up window with next steps.

Step 3: Configure the assessment broadcast

In the pop-up window, select the assessment that you wish to broadcast to Google Classroom.

Select the name of the assessment that you wish to appear for your students in Google Classroom.

Set the testing window or when you would like for the assessment to be available for students in Google Classroom and then select “Next”.

Verify that all the details are correct and select Broadcast to send the assessment to Google Classroom.

Step 4: Verify the broadcast

You may now navigate to your Google Classroom and verify that the assessment was successfully assigned to your class.


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