Importing Assessment Data

This article explains the steps for Premium clients (learn about subscription plans here) to set up a sync of assessment data into Forefront from a third-party assessment system.

Forefront supports importing assessment data when possible for Premium subscription holders. To set up an assessment data import, the first step is to contact a member of our team to make sure that the transfer is supported. 

Step One: Reach out to Forefront’s support team

Note: If you would like to import data from Renaissance Learning, please first let us know by contacting and then follow the steps outlined in this document.

Step Two: Determine how data will be shared

Option One: Users can now upload their secure files through Forefront directly, without an SFTP client. Please review this resource to learn more about how to upload files to the Secure Folder.

Option Two: Connect to the SFTP server so that assessment data can be shared with Forefront safely and securely. Please review this resource to learn more about how to connect to the SFTP server

Step Three: Share assessment data with Forefront

Step three is to upload the assessment data to your Secure Folder in Forefront or to our SFTP server so that it can be reviewed by a member of our team. It is important that the file is not modified in any way from the initial export. When possible, the assessment data should come from the assessment software directly. An importer will then be built to ingest this data in a way that best fits the needs of your district and our software.

Note: If the data you are importing is for an assessment that does not currently exist in Forefront, the assessment will need to be built for the import to be meaningful. You can learn more about assessment building in this expert coaching module. After watching this module, reach out to support@forefront.edcucation to schedule a meeting with a member of our team to support you in this process. 

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