Configure Assessment Imports

Forefront supports assessment data imports via one-time imports, SFTP syncs, and, for a limited number of assessment systems, direct syncs. Learn more about steps for configuring these imports in this expert coaching module.

This expert coaching module includes a video overview of how to set up assessment imports with Forefront, a questionnaire related to your import, and two consultative coaching sessions. As each assessment data import and district needs around assessment data are unique, these sessions will help you think through critical questions with the expertise of our client success team.


This video and follow-up coaching session are intended for account-based leadership: district leadership or site-based leadership for single school accounts.


Only Premium plan account leadership may configure assessment imports and schedule coaching sessions related to this topic.

Expert Coaching

Let us support your efforts to configure your assessment import. Please note that only Premium plan account leadership that have viewed the video overview and completed a questionnaire related to their import may schedule either one of the expert coaching sessions. Sessions include:

Coaching Session 1 will help your leadership team review the data file that you wish to import and identify the fields that you wish to have ingested into Forefront.

Coaching Session 2 provides a review of the initial import to verify that it aligns well with how leaders and teachers will be reviewing and interpreting results.

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