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How to Progress Monitor with Forefront

This article explains how Forefront can be used for Progress Monitoring for students who are in interventions. 

To configure the site for this purpose there are a variety of options. Given that schools and districts support intervention work in different ways, districts should consider what works best for their circumstances.

In general, these are the situations that we will be addressing in this article:

  • A classroom teacher who has already been assigned a group of students in Forefront is providing targeted instruction to small groups of students.
  • An interventionist, who does not have a homeroom class, is pulling students from a variety of classes to provide targeted instruction to students.

Step 1: Create Intervention Courses

To keep intervention work targeted and isolated, district leaders can create Intervention Courses. (See the article Understanding Curriculum and Courses for additional information.) This is appropriate when the district will be creating a series of progress monitoring probes to be available across schools. When there is not a course, teachers can create assessments for themselves and assign them to another already existing course (e.g. 3rd grade math).

Step 2: Create Groups of Students

Teachers are able to create groups of students from students who are already in their classes. Leaders can also create groups. Note that Forefront uses the term “class” to refer to a group of students.

Step 3: Create Assessments

With the assessment builder tool, teachers and leaders can create custom assessments or copy and modify existing assessments to use them as progress monitoring probes. Please note that the assessment builder tool is a feature that is only available in Basic and Premium plans.

Do you need ideas on how to design progress monitoring assessments? Explore the article Progress Monitoring Assessment Design.

Step 4: Assign Assessments

Once the assessment is created, it can be added to the course by district leaders and managers. Alternatively, teachers may add the assessments to individual classes as part of the course that the students are already in.

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