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This article explains how to clone and assign an assessment. 

Cloning assessments makes a copy of the structure of the assessment and all the associated documents. That is, question names, point ranges and proficiencies, standards alignments, etc.

If a user has access to an assessment, that assessment can be cloned.

Cloning Assessments

Step 1

Navigate to the assessments page by clicking on “Assessments” in the left side navigation.

Step 2

Navigate through the file system to locate the assessment to be cloned.

Screen_Shot_2021-02-12_at_11.15.04_AM.png   Screen_Shot_2021-02-12_at_11.16.23_AM.png

Step 3

Right-click on the assessment. Click “Clone.”


This will open up a pop-up where users can select the destination they want for the cloned assessment. The default is the user’s own folder.


Clicking “Clone” will open the cloned assessment. Users can check the cloned assessment is in the desired folder by checking the breadcrumb trail at the top. 


Then, users have the option to rename the cloned assessment at the top.


Users can modify other aspects of the assessment if they have assessment building functionality.

Assigning Cloned Assessments

In the upper right-hand corner, there are options for assigning assessments. Users will have the option to assign to a class or a course, depending on their role and permissions


Follow the menu after clicking the icon. (This is the view for an administrator.)



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