Configuring Lenses

This article explains Forefront’s lens functionality, how to set it up, and some recommended set ups.

Lenses in Forefront

Lenses are a functionality within Forefront that allows districts and users to shift the focus to specific key standards.

The default view in the overview page or the student proficiency wheel is the domains of the standard system. With lenses, the emphasis in the overview page or the proficiency wheel can be customized into a new lens accessible in a drop down menu.

Overview  Wheel

A new standards lens brings other standards into focus. Below, a priority standards lens in fourth grade.

Priority Overview 

The “drill-down” functionality of the domains is still available in the customized lens, if there are sub-standards related to the chosen domain or cluster.

Drill down

How to Set Up a District Lens in Forefront

The ability to create a lens requires the ability to edit courses.

Step 1: Once in the edit course view, click “Create Standards Lens.”

create standards lens button

Step 2: Name the lens. This is what users will see in the drop down menu.


Step 3: Add domains, clusters, or standards by searching or browsing. Click the “Select” to add them.

browse  search

Helpful tip: Rearrange the display order by dragging.


If you have further questions, reach out to for more help.

Suggestions for Lens Set-Ups

Default: Domains of the Standards System

This is the default configuration in Forefront.

District Priority Standards or Achieve the Core Priority Standards

If districts have pre-selected priority standards, these can easily be configured into a Forefront lens.

Grade Level Snapshot

As districts develop a year-over-year body of data, the opportunity for a grade level view configuration is an option.

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