Welcome to our Getting Started Resource Hub!

Access the resources you need to get your implementation started and rolling here.

Getting Started for Teachers (Short Video)

Returning districts or districts getting started with limited time can watch this short video intended to get teachers started quickly in Forefront. Access it here.

Getting Started for Teachers (Help Docs)

See the article hub that helps teachers log in, enter data, and use data at the student and class level. Read more.

Getting Started for Teachers (Webinar)

This webinar is to get teachers started with an explanation of data entry, the most helpful ways to view data, and tips to get more value from Forefront. Register for the webinar or watch on-demand here.

Getting Started for Leaders (Webinar)

This webinar is for district and building leaders to learn the basics of Forefront, understand reports of student performance, and be ready to support their Forefront implementation.  Register for the webinar or watch on-demand here.

Implementation Toolkit (PDF)

The implementation toolkit is a comprehensive document for leaders to help understand how Forefront is set up and guidelines and recommendations for successful implementations. Access the PDF here.

7 Things Returning Forefront Users Should Know (Webinar)

Your team at Forefront has put a lot of working into making our software more useful, more user-friendly, and more powerful. Tune in and make sure you're getting the most of your software and learn about our new releases for the 23-24 school year. Register for the webinar or watch on-demand here.

Rostering Information (Help Docs)

Rostering with Forefront will create student accounts, teacher and leader accounts, and classes. Read more about that process here.

Parent-Teacher Conferences (Webinar)

This 30-minute webinar gives teachers an understanding of the reports in Forefront that can help them prepare for parent-teacher conferences and communicate student learning information with parents. Register or watch now here.