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Norms for the Universal Screeners for Number Sense and How to Find them In Forefront

This article explains how to utilize the Global Cohort to identify norms for performance on each of the assessments of the Universal Screeners for Number Sense.

How to See Norms

Step 1: Open Forefront’s Reporting Suite.

Step 2: Add the desired assessment(s) as entities and hit Next.

This will display the results of your class, school or district (depending on your role).

Step 3: Look for Cohorts along the right side of the screen and click “Add or Configure.” Click “+Create a New Cohort.” Add the Global.

This will display the results of the global cohort.  Notice that it is possible to adjust the “Term.”  The Global cohort is updated yearly.  Sometimes you may want to compare to the prior term’s global cohort to ensure that you are comparing to the largest sample size possible.

Close the sidebar to return to settings.

Step 4: Click at the top where it says Report Type and select Score Histogram.

You now see the distribution of the results of the Global Cohort alongside your own local results.

In the image above, the bars to the right display the results of the Global Cohort, and the results on the left are the local results.  

Hover over the bars representing the Global Cohort to see the detailed information including percentile ranges and point values represented by that bar.

The image above shows hovering over the bar representing 339 students in the Global Cohort.  This represents students who had a scored a total of 14 -17 points.  This is the percentile range of 3.0 – 7.9.   (4.9% of students scored in this range.)

To find which students in your local situation scored in this range click on the appropriate number in the datatable below the report.

To get more specific percentile ranges, notice the “Column Configuration” in the right side panel for the report.  Set the number of columns to max to find the percentile range for each individual possible pont value.  This will provide you with the most narrow percentile range.

Consider Also

Use the Performance Histogram report to view the percentile bands for each of the performance levels.

Use the Items Analysis Report to see the percentiles of students performing in each of the performance levels task by task.  For example the report below shows that in the Forefront Global Cohort – the norm for the USNS assessments – 7.7% of students were unable to count from 27 – 43 in the fall of 2nd grade.

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