How to Setup Courses and Curriculum

This article explains how to set up courses and curriculum. For more explanation of these terms, check out Understanding Curriculum and Courses.

How To Set Up Courses

Single-Subject Course

Prerequisites: Users must have a district management level role to configure courses.

Step 1: Navigate to the courses page. Click “Courses” in the left side navigation, then click “Create New Course.”

click courses and create

Step 2: Name the course and select the applicable grade level(s).

name and grade level

Step 3: In-app text explains next steps. Click “Create curriculum.”

create curriculum

Step 4: Name the curriculum as prompted.

Step 5: Select or create the subject.


Step 6: Configure standards lenses.

Read about lenses and setup how-to here.

Step 7: Add assessments by clicking “Add assessments” and browsing for the appropriate assessments.

add assessments  add assessments

Step 8: Add parent reports (if applicable).

add parent reports  parent reports

For more information on standards-based grading report card configuration, click here to register for a webinar.

Multi-Curriculum or Multi-Subject Course

To configure a multi-subject course, follow the above steps. Then:

Click the three dots in the upper right corner. Then add a new curriculum, or a new subject and new curriculum.


Follow the same steps again to create additional curricula.

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