Configuring Report Cards for Your District

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This article explains how district managers can configure report cards for courses.

Access a Report Card Configuration webinar available on-demand here.

Step 1: Access the Report Card builder by clicking “Courses,” then “Create Report Card” at the bottom of the courses page.

Courses, create report card

Step 2: Name the Report Card as prompted.

Name the report card

Step 3: Add the Grading Period(s) by clicking “Add Grading Period.”

Set grading period

Click the button to select the end dates of each grading period.

end date

Step 4: Configure the Categories.

Each category, which will be a column on the report card, includes:

  • The name
  • An optional description
  • The standard(s) assessmed
  • The proficiencies available to teachers (toggling off a proficiency level prevents that level from being selected for students)

Click “Save” to save the category.

Click the green plus sign to the right to add more categories.

set up categories

A configured Report Card:

Fully configured report card

Next steps:

Using Report Cards as a Teacher

Viewing the Leader Report Card Dashboard

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