How Does Forefront Work?

Collect assessment results from teacher-scored, interview, and observational assessments.

Organize results by standard, student, assessment, and grade to match your instructional programs.

Visualize results through powerful, easy-to-understand reports.

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Build assessment templates for your school/district gradebooks or access preloaded template collections from our curriculum partners. Teachers collect results in an electronic gradebook for pencil and paper assessment results or our mobile interview tool for interview or observation-based assessments.

Assessment Builder

Assessment Builder

Build custom assessment templates for standards and rubric-based assessments. Share templates across schools for convenient and consistent data collection.

standards-aligned assessments

Preloaded Collections

Access assessment template collections from our curriculum partners. Click on one of the icons below to learn more about our solutions for:

electronic gradebook

Electronic Gradebook

Gather data from pencil and paper assessments in an electronic gradebook. View question details and record notes about individual student responses.

interview-based assessment

Interview Tool

Collect results from interview or observation-based assessments while on the move. Access our web-based program on any mobile device.

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Forefront automatically organizes results by student, standard, class, group, and assessment to make it easy to analyze, share, and report out results. Make it easy for teachers to examine student learning and share information with teachers, leadership, and parents.

data discussions

Data Discussions

Access intuitive reports designed for PLCs and other collaborative teams of teachers and instructional coaches. Item based, standards based, achievement, and growth reports can be easily shared and printed.

standards-based report

Standards-Based Grading

Help teachers manage standards-aligned assessment results to make grading manageable and provide consistency across classrooms. Forefront’s tools make standards-based grading efficient, accurate, and detailed.

parent-teacher conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Prepare for conversations with parents with detailed student learning profiles. Access dynamic reports that allow you to drill into standards proficiency information from classroom assessments.



View performance of students relative to peers across the country and locally. Flexibly group students and monitor progress to support RtI/MTSS efforts.

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Forefront makes student learning on classroom assessments visible across classrooms and your district. A variety of easy-to-understand reports let you change the focus from assessment to standard to students, so you can visualize detailed student learning information directly linked to classroom instruction.

teacher grading


Collect and visualize classroom assessment results to support formative assessment and standards-based grading. Group students flexibly and target your efforts. View student performance and progress over time and drill down to view detailed student profiles.

instructional coaches

Site Leaders

Access grade-level classroom assessment results and isolate performance for a student, a group, or class. Lead data discussions using detailed, timely, actionable data. Quickly understand student strengths and weaknesses across your building and relative to other schools without introducing an additional layer of assessment.



View detailed reports of student performance and growth both current and historical. Isolate performance by student and groups of students to compare performance and growth. Monitor the impact of interventions.

director of elementary curriculum

District Leaders

Provide teachers with a grade book template for classroom and other common assessments that saves teachers time, supports collaborative efforts, and ensures consistency of grading practices. Visualize aggregated results and drill down to see standards-aligned details of buildings, classrooms, and individual students.

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