Fuel PLCs with Assessment Data

A 2-hour live, web-based work/learn session to improve the use of student learning data to inform collaborative efforts across your district.

Learn to navigate, customize, save, share, and curate Forefront data reports in this 2-hour work and learn session. Work with your colleagues to explore your data to learn about your students and schools, while learning to find the information you need to guide conversations and answer critical questions. Leave this session with the tools to improve and enhance the systems and collaborative practices of your district.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use Forefront to focus on student learning and answer critical questions
  • Use Forefront Reports to improve efficiency and focus efforts
  • Use Forefront to empower teams with meaningful information


2-hour live session and 1-hour discovery call*


Up to 12 school and/or district instructional leadership, such as C&I and T&L leadership, instructional coaches, and teacher leads. It is ideal for districts that have collected at least 2 units/modules in Forefront for at least one instructional program or core-curricular content.


This web-based session is $900 for Forefront clients. On-site pricing may be provided upon request.

*In preparation for the live session, connect with our team for a discovery call to ensure that the format and content align with school/district work, systems, and initiatives.

Learning Options

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