Press Release: Company Name Change

Forefront Math Announces
Company Name Change to
Forefront Education

New Name Reflects Company’s Multi-Subject Data Solution

Lafayette, CO (June 2020) – Forefront Math announces its corporate name change to Forefront Education effective June 15, 2020. The company’s headquarters will remain in Lafayette, CO.

The company has used the name, “Forefront Math” for more than 10 years, developing software solutions to make the student learning data in classroom assessment results visible and accessible for educators. The name change anticipates the fall 2020 release of Forefront®, the company’s newest version of its assessment data solution, which supports all K-12 subjects.

“We are really excited to now support the collection of meaningful student learning data across all subject areas,” says David Woodward, Founder and President at Forefront Education. “Our company name change reflects our expanded commitment to schools. We now support them by making quality, standards-aligned, student learning data for all subjects visible across schools and districts.”

If customers have any questions or concerns regarding the name change, they may contact their account manager or call (720) 818-4277.

About Forefront Education
Forefront Education was founded in 2009 by David Woodward, then a math instructional coach. The company’s flagship product, Forefront®, improves standards-based grading, decision-making, and professional collaboration through a tool that makes it easy to collect, organize, and visualize classroom assessment results.

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Forefront Education
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