Standards Growth Report

The Standards Growth Report shows all of the assessments that assess a particular standard, or topic, or facet of the learning. The Standards Growth report is an excellent tool to support focusing priorities, goal setting and planning.

Go to the Reporting and open a Standards Growth Report, define the course (example: “First Grade,” “2nd Grade”), school year, and the standard or facet.(example: State standard, or other aspect of the program (e.g. Lucy Calkins – Lead, or NWEA-NBT) . Standards can be searched for by code or using words.

Standards Growth Report

Helpful tips: 

  • Hover on the report to see student names and performance.
  • Click the green plus-sign button in the upper left to add cohorts, such as classes, schools, district or global cohort.
  • Toggle breakdowns of proficiencies on the right side of the report to narrow focus.
  • Select columns that should be shown using in the lower right corner.
  • Download data from the report as desired.

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