This article explains different reports in Forefront, depending on your role, that can spark different discussions for educators and leaders looking back at what went well and what to build on next year.

Individual Teachers

Recommended report: Flexible Assessment Report, viewing important unit pre- and post-assessments or comparable assessments across the year (ex. Number Corner Checkpoints or Lucy Calkins Writing Assessments)


Reflection questions:

  • What standards/domains was I successful teaching, based on student growth?
  • How does my students’ performance compare to the district or global cohort?
  • What are areas to focus on improving my instruction for next year?
  • If your school has demographic data: Are there groups my instruction is not effectively supporting? (see graph below)


Teacher Teams/PLCs

Teacher teams and PLCs could do the thinking recommended for individual teachers together, and have rich conversations as the group shared successes and areas for growth. 

For planning next year, use data from the grade level below to plan data-informed instruction.

Recommended report: Flexible Standards Report on the upcoming year’s students, viewing key standards students need to know based on that grade level’s standards


Reflection questions:

  • What standards are our future students doing well at? How can we leverage this?
  • What standards will our future students need support with? How can we help with that?
  • What assessments can we use early in the year to get more data on these students? What will we be looking for?


School Leaders/Instructional Coaches

Recommended report: Flexible Assessment Report, viewing year-over-year data for a comprehensive assessment; Single Assessment Report to dig deeper into data from the Flexible Assessment Report


Reflection questions:

  • What trends do we see overall?
  • If your school has demographic data: Are we meeting the needs of all our students?
  • What other information would help us guide decision making?


District Leaders/Directors of Curriculum or Instruction

Recommended report: Flexible Standards Report, viewing standards growth across schools


Reflection questions:

  • What trends do we see?
  • What were our students successful with?
  • Where did they need more support? How can we support teachers to provide this support?

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