Regional Workshop (Illinois)

A regional workshop on Thursday, August 10, 2023, in Westchester, Illinois, to help districts and schools improve their knowledge and use of Forefront to leverage meaningful assessment and grading practices.

In this full-day collaborative workshop, teams will learn together and prepare to use Forefront in your schools and district. Take a deep dive with the Forefront team to learn about features and functionality and how to configure Forefront for your needs and maximize potential. Leave prepared to lead with the tools you need, hands-on understanding, actionable insights, and a new network of Forefront peers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Fully understand the Forefront reporting systems
  • Customize Forefront for your courses and curricula.
  • Conduct analyses and understand your students, schools and district.
  • Identify learning trends across standards and over time
  • Learn how Forefront can inform and support MTSS
  • Identify how Forefront can help inform goal setting
  • Grow your professional network of peer districts across Illinois

Date & Duration

Full-day workshop on August 10, 2023, from 8 am to 3:30 pm CST.


Westchester Intermediate School
10900 Canterbury St
Westchester, IL 60154


District and school-based teams using Forefront or that have adopted Forefront for the 2023-24 school year. The best teams include all levels of leadership and instructional staff.


$250 per participant. Lunch and a continental breakfast are included.


Download a copy of the tentative workshop schedule here. Please note that the program may be updated in advance of the workshop.

Learning Options

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