Lead Data Discussions with Forefront

This 2-hour web-based training provides instructional leadership with the tools to lead impactful data discussions with their Forefront data.

Work directly with Founder and President of Forefront Education, David Woodward. David’s more than 20 years of working as a classroom teacher, district leader, and professional development facilitator inform this 2 hour professional learning opportunity.

Learning Outcome

Learn how to use Forefront to understand your students and to enhance your leadership capacity and your collaborative efficacy.


2-hour web-based training with a 1-hour on-demand, follow-up consultation.


This training is intended for up to 12 school and/or district leaders. It is ideal for districts that have collected at least 2 units/modules in Forefront for at least one instructional program or core-curricular content.


This training is $900.


Forefront Reports: Navigate, customize, and utilize all the reports in Forefront. Work collaboratively with colleagues as you explore your own district’s data to learn about your students and your school, while learning to find the information you need to guide your action plans.

Your Data on the Forefront: Work with David and your team to plan and prepare for your data meetings in order to maximize impact on instruction. Schools beginning this work will emerge with a plan for meaningful, sustainable implementation that will focus efforts, improve collaboration, and energize action. Schools who have systems in place will work together to reflect on, refine, and renew their practices with Forefront in their toolkit.

Plan and Prepare: As you learn together, work together to plan and prepare to lead. Leave the session with not only the understanding that you need to lead in the months and years to come, but also plans and preparations ready to go for the immediate future.


1 hour consultation and planning for this training.

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