Math Screeners

The BVSD Universal Screeners for Elementary Mathematics are open-source, interview-based screening assessments based on the work of Math Recovery. The Fall Screeners are directly aligned with the Add+Vantage Math Recovery (AVMR) assessments and constructs. Teachers trained in AVMR are best equipped to utilize the Screener results for maximum impact on instruction and for RtI/MTSS and Progress Monitoring.

Activate the BVSD Screeners in Forefront®’s assessment catalog to collect results with our mobile interview tool and aggregate results across classrooms, buildings, and your district.

  • Efficiently collect consistent, reliable interview assessment results
  • Aggregate results and transform them into goal setting and decision-making tools with powerful, easy-to-understand reports
  • Monitor Tier 1 progress and inform RtI/MTSS
  • Easily share results and student information with relevant stakeholders to improve collaboration and communication
  • Visualize growth and performance relative to a national cohort

Interested in learning more about the BVSD Screeners? Reach out to the BVSD math team to learn more.

The math screener data has proven to have a high level of predictive correlation to our state testing, so it is helping us have valuable conversations.

Dr. Jill Rubinstein, Learning and Instruction Specialist
Eagle County Schools